8 of Berlin’s most unusual art spaces - von Marie Burrows, art

06.08.2015 I Art

by Marie Burrows

From Brutalist churches to bunkers

It was was only a matter of time before Berlin’s free-flowing, ever-evolving art scene spilled out from the conventional gallery space and into the city’s derelict bunkers, abandoned airports and skeletal architectural relics.

For those uninitiated into Berlin’s less ordinary art venues, this month’s Project Space Festival is a good place to start, with an event or show featured at a new space every day during August.

But many of the most unusual venues are permanent fixtures on the Berlin art scene. Here, we take you through the doors of some of our favourites, open throughout the year.

Box Freiraum
Fairly new on Berlin’s art scene is Box, the charming former stables of Otto Pohl, ‘coach king of Berlin’. Finished in 1893 by Wilhelm Magnus, the luxurious stables were renovated in 2008 by architect Carolina Mojto before opening their doors as art spaces and studios in summer 2014. Their next show ‘Behind The Appearances’ will open 11 September.
Boxhagener Straße 93/96 (Innenhof), 10245 Berlin-Friedrichshain